For individuals who have experienced the benefits and convenience of an automatic garage door, going back to a manual garage door is a decision that most people are not willing to make at all, and we can all understand why. During bad weathers automatic garage doors, usually play a greater role in ensuring that both the homeowner and his or her belongings are dry at all times. Needless to say, bad weather may lead to power outages which may leave homeowners stuck out in the cold. In case of a power shortage, what are the steps that one can be able to undertake to ensure that he or she can be able to open an automatic garage door manually?

Tripping the trigger

Typically, every garage door opener has an in built switch in place for scenarios such as power outages, malfunctioning of a motor or when if the remote opener dies. So as to trip the trigger, you will be required to locate the rope that normally has a handle at its end. The release handle usually extricates the trolley from its point of attachment to the rail. When pulling the rope always ensure that the garage is in manual mode, so as to ensure that the door does not come crushing to the ground. In addition, always ensure that you have activated the manual release handle when the door is closed.

Keeping the garage door in manual mode

The function of the red rope is to the control the spring attachment. In case of a power outage or in case of a motor malfunction, you will be required to ensure that your garage door remains in manual mode at all times, until the power comes back or until the motor has been fixed. When opening the door while it is in manual mode, it is very important to ensure that you pull the rope downwards and towards the rear end of the garage so as to prevent it from getting stuck on the tracks.

Reattaching the Garage door

Once the power has been restored, either by the utility crew or by the power company, you may want to go back and experience all the advantages of an automatic garage door. So as to reconnect the trolley attachment, simply pull the cord towards the front fascia of the garage door instead of the rear so as to prevent the lever from engaging. If this happens to be very confusing, you can always hit the button on the remote opener. By pressing the button on the remote opener, the track is going to force the garage door spring back into its place.

If your garage door opens unevenly or if your cable is damaged after the electricity has been restored, you should contact a garage door specialist like the Cleveland Garage Door Experts, Bent Garage Door Tracks Repair Services at Always remember that tension springs and any other garage feature is potentially dangerous, hence conducting a do it yourself project can lead to an irreversible danger. If you are not sure of what you are doing then contact a garage door expert to do the work on your behalf.