The doors placed on your garage are moved seamlessly up and down by rollers. These are kept in place by brackets which are fixed to your garage door. The garage door roller has a stem that fits into a bracket sleeve as the roller itself fits into a garage door track. However it doesn’t guarantee that it will remain there no matter what. It may jump off track frequently and when that occurs with no one else to repair it, or no garage door special offers, you have to conduct it yourself. The good news is that this task is not that difficult to do, and you may do it with tools which are often found around the home.

Garage Door Rollers Off Track: How to Repair

Checking the Garage Door Tracks

Before performing any garage door repair, garage door repair service or garage door installation service make sure that the garage door tracks are still well fixed on your wall. One of the reasons why rollers go off track is due to the tracks coming off the wall. In case the brackets that are holding the garage door tracks to your wall are loose, fasten the bolts using a ratchet or a wrench handled with the appropriate socket size.

The garage door tracks has to be checked for damages and dents as well. A bad dent will make the door get off track. This is is close to what a damaged rail leads to a derailment of a train. You can fix serious dents by beating on them using the block of wood and the hammer. If you acquire a rubber mallet around, utilize it instead. In case there is heavy damage on the garage door tracks, replace them so as not to lead to a serious safety danger.

Cleaning the Garage Door Tracks

Off track rollers may also be caused by grime and dirt which accumulates on the garage door track. An efficient household cleaning solution can perform the trick.

Aligning the Garage Door Tracks

Ensure that the garage door tracks for your rollers are in their correct alignment by using a level. In case you own a horizontal track, they need to have a slight angle leading to the back of your garage. In case you are using roll up garage doors, the garage door track section should be accurately leveled. If they aren’t, loosen the brackets which hold them in their place. Once they become loose, tap on them gently until they acquire a perfect alignment. Garage door tracks should also be of identical height on the walls.

Check for Any Loose Garage Door Parts

Loose garage door parts may also make your rollers to come off track so fasten screws and bolts that appear loose. In case you have a roll up garage door, check the hinges which hold the panels together. Loose hinges can make the door sag hence can make it become off track.

Lubricating the Garage Door Tracks

To make sure that your garage door rollers will run smoothly and not become off course, perform garage door opener repair by lubricating it as the other components of your garage door by utilizing a spray lubricant. Powdered graphite may also be used as a substitute. This step will make sure that your garage door will close and open smoothly. Garage Door Rollers are best lubricated by a silicone spray however you can also utilize household oil as a substitute.