A garage door sensor is a special feature that allows automatic reversing of garage doors in case of a doorway obstruction. It is designed and installed by garage door experts in Cleveland to ensure your security and safety. This automatic sensor has saved several lives and avoided serious injuries from abrupt closure of garage doors.

In order to be safe than sorry, get your garage door sensors regularly checked by Cleveland Garage Door Experts. The experts will troubleshoot the sensors to ensure that they do their job perfectly. If not, they get the necessary repairs or re-alignment.

Red lights to look out for before calling the experts

  • Dirty and dusty lenses in the garage door sensors. These will cause serious malfunctioning of the sensors. This is because the cobwebs, dirt and dust affect the eyesight. Hence, the sensors cannot detect the infra-red rays. You should call an expert to correct the problem.
  • Damaged, chewed or broken sensor wires. These can be as a result of garden tools or items stored near the sensors. The destruction of sensor wires leads to sensor failure. You will need an expert to replace the sensors in this case.
  • One or both Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) blinking. Both garage door sensors usually have LED light on their outside. Blinking lights show that there is a serious problem. You ought to contact your Cleveland garage door company to re-align the sensors for you. Do not attempt to re-align the sensors because they are delicate and can even break.
  • Failure of garage door sensor to respond in case of a doorway obstruction. You can test this manually by placing an item along the doorway of your garage and pressing the remote or button. Working sensors will immediately cause the door to stop. However, faulty garage door sensors will be evident by failure of the door to stop. If your door crushes any item in its doorway, contact your garage door experts immediately.

Inappropriate garage door sensors’ height. This you can measure using cardboard boxes of various heights. If the heights are not are recommended, feel free to call the experts.