The garages are generally separate from the actual house; hence, they have separate doors. Most of them are also used to store non-essential material. There are a variety of options available and the assembly and installation is very tedious. The garage door installation is also very important because of the safety that needs to be ensured and the tediousness of the procedure. Therefore, there are stores, which offer services, such as installation, servicing, and maintenance.

There are basically two types of garage door openers you can find in the market. While one of them is largely used for commercial applications, other one is mainly used for residential purposes. In the commercial section, you will get to see different models including Slide, Jackshift, Trolley and Hoist. Determining the drive system is the main reason why garage door openers are purchased. Also, depending upon the drive system used, these openers can be classified into 3 different types: chain drive, direct drive and belt drive. However, before purchasing any of these garage door openers for your purpose make sure that you check on the horsepower and the type of motor used for your garage door.

Types of Systems

The mechanical ones have sufficient force to injure or kill people and pets if they are trapped. Hence, all modern ones are equipped with settings that make them reverse if it encounters too much resistance. The use of safety eyes and similar safety setting helps to avoid many possible injuries, and nearly all property damage can be avoided by following such precautions.

The automatic ones are fitted with in-built safety feature and they automatically reverse, minimizing any possible damage. The variety of available makes the ideal choice a daunting task. The ones bought from reliable sources are reputable and tested, which ensures satisfaction and durability.

They need regular maintenance for best performance. The frequency of servicing depends on the brand of the material. It is best to allow a team of technicians to service, which includes greasing gears, lubricating hinges, and analysis of their parts for any damage.

Drawbacks of These Systems

  • The various parts are under extreme stress tension due to the large weight; therefore, if the tension is released it can lead to malfunctioning and cause serious injuries.
  • They are the heaviest and the largest object in your home because they are not a part of the house their maintenance is often overlooked. For optimal performance regular service is needed to avoid issues that may arise from the malfunctioning parts. A regular yearly service is necessary and that too preferably by a technician.
  • The use of Photo Electric Safety Beams is highly recommended, on those which have been fitted with a remote control. The safety systems need to be checked and tested regularly for malfunction. The failure of the system may require servicing from the technician.
  • They can damage property and cause injuries, such as injury from falling doors due to damaged garage door springs, improper repairs, and uncontrolled release of spring tension. A falling garage door accelerates quickly because of the shift in the weight of the material. Hence, it can cause very serious injury and children should be kept away from them.

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