The garage door springs is a fundamental part of your garage door. They make it possible for an individual to raise and lower the garage door. When these springs break, they pose a threat not only to your vehicle but also to the persons who frequently use the garage door. Consequently, faulty garage door springs ought to be fixed immediately. If you have embarked on the spring repair project yourself, then you need to be cautious. The tips below will help you when performing a garage door spring repair job.

Clear the Area

Before you commence any action, it is advisable to take out any obstructions. The garage door springs are usually under immense pressure; hence repairing them is an intricate procedure that requires precision. You should ensure that there are no items causing you to work in a confined area. According to Cleveland Garage Door Experts, the presence of objects on the flooring may also result in fatal accidental falls.

Turn off the Power

Afterward, you should disconnect the garage door opener cord from the power source. It eliminates the risk of getting electrocuted as you repair the broken springs. Moreover, keep in mind that the practice of plugging out the opener cord only applies to the new version of garage doors. If you still use the old version, you are supposed to remove the fuse. Alternatively, you can switch off the circuit break so as to ensure that no electricity is flowing as you work.

Assess the Damage

Once you have unplugged the power cord, you should check the intensity of the damage on the torsion and extension springs. Failing to carry out a preliminary evaluation will cause you to underestimate the damage, which can create a situation where your safety is at risk. Moreover, various garages have different garage doors design. It means that the placement of the springs will differ based on a particular design. The pre-assessment will enable you to figure out the precise position of the garage door springs.

Make sure the springs are the same

In some instances, the garage door springs may be too damaged, which calls for a replacement. When purchasing new garage door springs, you can look for companies that provide repair services as they may have garage door special offers. Also, you should make sure that the springs you buy are exactly the same type and dimension as the ones you are replacing. In the course of your garage door repair work, avoid touching the winding cones on the new spring.

Test after Completion

Once you have repaired or replaced the garage door springs, you should re-install the requisite hardware. Ensure that all the bolts are fastened properly and then reconnect the door opener. Finally, open and close the garage door at least twice to guarantee that it’s functioning smoothly.


If you know the right tricks, there is no need to hire garage door repair service technicians to repair garage door springs. Many homeowners claim to have spent a lot of money on the garage door installation cost. Repair of the garage door springs should, therefore, not be another project that costs you a fortune.

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