Halloween is a very popular holiday in Cleveland. It is especially important to children because that is the one night that they have the permission to eat candy with lots of reckless abandon and face no reprimands from the adults.

The adults are mainly fretting over the decorations that will turn their house into a great depiction of horror that will give people the perfect chills and nightmares. With regard to decoration the main house is always done but some parts may be left out because they are forgotten or deemed unimportant. Such areas include the garage.

Your garage should be in line with the theme of the night as it is after all a part of your household. Décor ideas will depend on whether you will use the inside of your garage or not. The garage door can also carry the theme and improve the scary appearance.

garage door

  1. Stick-on

Your walls on the inside or the garage door on the outside can use a little Halloween facelift. Scary creatures like spiders, ghosts and pictures of skulls can be stuck onto these surfaces to create a creepy-crawly effect. If your garage door is metallic, it becomes easier for you because you can have magnetic spiders instead that easily stick onto the door.

  1. Overturned witch

Witches are scary any time of the year and overturned ones are even scarier. You can take a beheaded witch with its legs painted black and orange and then stick it up-side down in a bucket filled with straw. You can place the head right next to it. You can position this at the entrance or at every corner to create the impression of someone scary watching visitors’ every move.

  1. Banners

Covering your garage door with a large banner will create a great eerie effect. The banner can be black with orange eyes ‘looking’ at everyone.

  1. Lighting

You can fit dim lights and black bulbs in corners or on the pathways right next to the garage door. Small bulbs can also be placed strategically to act as ‘eyes’ on the banner or they could illuminate the eyes and make them a little more pronounced.

  1. Spider webs

With spiders come webs and these you can put on walls or corners. Spray-paint the webs in black or grey to complete the effect. Every part of your home should reflect your Halloween mood including the garage. A few touch-ups will ensure that the scary fever spreads throughout.

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