If it wasn’t for your garage door, your garage would have been just another ordinary room near the onset of your home. It is most likely the biggest door, in fact, the biggest mechanically operating object in your home. A machine this big is always an intricate system of interdependent parts. In the case of a garage door, it is comprised of panels, garage door springs, openers, hinges, cables, shields and other spares.

If even one part is broken or damaged, it would affect the functioning of the entire door. It can be said that you ought to be careful with the garage door and look into its proper care to avoid repairs. But what can you do when you don’t even know where to begin?

We at Cleveland garage door experts have assembled a list of 5 unexpected things you should be careful with when you’re trying to prolong garage door repair

Kids –

Yes, they are the apple of your eye but that doesn’t enable to crash and bump into your valuable possessions as they please. Teach them not to be harsh with the garage door, while using it or even when it is not being used. Let them know it’s now a toy and that it may break if they keep crashing their bikes against it.

Weather conditions –

There’s only little thing you can do to protect your door from harsh weather like heavy rain, hail, or a havoc wreaking storm. But remember to get it fixed as soon as possible if it gets severely damaged under any such situation and use heavy panels if you anticipate such whether.

Your own Vehicles –

The garage door protects the vehicles but the vehicles are not always so kind. You’d be surprised at the number of people that back up into the garage or take the car out without even closing the door all the way down first. Should you face the same predicament at any point, give us a call and we’ll fix everything!

Laziness –

You only have to clean it and lubricate a few times a year and it makes more difference than you would think. So don’t slack when your garage door is scheduled for a little cleaning or spraying.